1. Hong Kong Young Writers Awards

The theme for the Hong Kong Young Writers Awards 2017 was “New Tales of Old Shanghai”. The following students’ works were shortlisted in the competition.

TitleCategory EnteredStudent’s Name
Brothers of the Night PearlFiction – Group 2 (Primary 4-6)Ashleigh Fung (Pr. 6)
The Nostalgia of Old ShanghaiPoetry – Group 2 (Primary 4-6)Tang Lok Yee (Pr. 6)


2. Hong Kong Budding Poets (English) Award
In the Primary Section of the 2015-16 Hong Kong Budding Poets (English) Award, co-organised by the Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education and native-speaking English Teacher Section of the Education Bureau, the following girls were commended for their outstanding poetry writing:

TitleStudent’s Name
Nature (Third Runner-up)Tang Lok Yee 
The Immense Wild (Merit)Natasha Uchimoto
The Colours of the Earth (Merit)Evelyn Ho
A Wondrous Sight (Commendation)Annette Ma

3. Good People Good Deeds English Story Writing Competition
Summer Chan of Pr. 4 received the Bronze Award in the Junior Level of the “Good People Good Deeds” English Story Writing Competition 2015-16, which was organised by the Tung Wah Group of Hospitals.

TitleStudent’s Name
Locks of LoveSummer Chan

Stories and Poems
TitleStudent’s Name
My Favourite SeasonEvelyn Ho
My Favourite SeasonLau Yan Chi
A PicnicChan Tsz Nam
A PicnicChloe Wong
Catching a ThiefAnthea Kwong
Catching a ThiefChan Bo Wen
Catching a ThiefJane Law
Who Likes WhatChung Chui Tung
Who Likes WhatInez Wan
Who Likes WhatKarina Lai
GoliathValerie Tsoi
Daily Evil ExpressTrinity Chan
The Fairy TimesStephan Cannon
Wolf and Castle Mice Accused for Stealing Cinderella’s Glass Slippers Nathene Chow
The Dor Morning Post Humpty Dumpty Had a Great FallKo Tin Yu
Trend in Konko ─── Red Mascara! 
Jacqueline Gilbert
Thumb-sized Fairyland Record Winner Kidnapped—- Again!
Grace Wong
UndercoverAngel Li Wing Yan
A StoryAlvina Tse
Applause for MaddieAlexa Ma
Useful BooksKwok Xin Tao
What a JugglerCynthia Honig
A Creepy and Quiet CourtyardChloe Chan
Shadow in the Forgotten Melodium GardenAllie Ng
The Creepy GardenLeung Ching Ching
Beneath the Oak TreeLee Cheuk Lam
Grown UpMegan Wong
If Only I Could Tell YouKrissie Ng
Now I Know You CaredTiffany Chan
The PJ RapperSabrina Li
My Grandma is an Opera SingerChloe Shieh
Tell Fix-ItLorraine Cheng
Alien ChaosChong Yan Ying
Tell Fix-ItDanielle Hung
My Dad is a Formula One DriverAndreana Chan
The Perfect PetJacqueline Wong
The Quest for Survival – Primary 5Chan Fai Leui
Holiday Home ExchangeTiffany Ng
Holiday Home Exchange AdGabrielle Luk
P4 CompositionsJaclyn Chow, Alison Carless, Kirsten Ting, Audrey Miu, Alexa Ma
P4 Compositions for MagazineCharlize Lee, Cassandra Tung, Adeline Cheung, Phoebe Hui, Vanessa Chan
Cinderella RewrittenGermaine So
My Favourite HolidayValerie Tsoi
The Greatest Monkey in HistoryCloe Lamb
Tom’s Ice creamPang Ching Sang
P3 CompositionsIngrid Wong, Yip Sin Ling, Jamie See, Megan Ng