General Studies I

General Studies I


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Healthy Food:
Students created a healthy food menu for a restaurant. Through this process, students learn more about the importance of nutrition.

Food MenuGianna Lai and Ingrid Wu
Food MenuAlexa Ma and Helen Chau
Food MenuMaia Cheung and Tiffany Joeng

Endangered Species:
Students conduct a research project on an endangered or extincted animal and present their findings to the entire class. This gave students the opportunity to learn more about their favourite animal and refine their research skills.

Nicole Ng, Agnes Yau and Natalie Tam

Tiffany Tam
Chong Sum Yip
Brittany Wong
Chan Tze Wing

Science Experiment:
Students were asked to conduct an experiment on a topic of their choice and to present their findings to the entire class. Conducting these experiments required girls to look carefully at the factors needed to be examined and to design a proper experiment using their scientific knowledge.

Chloe Shieh
Leung Hoi Ching
Godiva Kwan
Maxine Law

Britney Cheung
Michelle Ng
Fion Tse

Travel Guide:
Students wrote travel guides for a city in the world they’ve never visited. They researched weather information for that city and gave suggestions on what to pack for the trip and interesting food and sights for that city. The girls loved the opportunity to learn about a new place and many wished that they could visit their chosen city in the near future.

A Travel Guide to Moscow, Russia
Sherine Lee and Belle Chan
A Travel Guide to Auckland, New Zealand
Sienna Wong
A Travel Guide to Berlin, Germany Yanni Chan

Class Activities

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Water Cycle Drama:
To help students develop a better understanding of the water cycle, Primary 2 students were asked to perform in a drama show the wonderful adventures of water droplets.