Faculty and Student Body

Faculty and Student Body

The instructional staff at Diocesan Girls’ Junior School are committed to providing students with a well-rounded education based on Christian principles. They afford the students with an excellent academic program that helps students attain high standards on standardized measures.

The administration and faculty have integrated technology and other varied instructional tools into learning, ensuring that children of varied abilities reach their full potential.

Staff are highly qualified, accomplished, dedicated and supportive professionals whose expertise come from an extensive array of fields from music to Chinese language and literature.

Teachers participate in coaching, guidance and counselling, supervising educational visits as well as a wealth of other enrichment activities from drama to creative writing in Chinese. Teachers also continue their learning and professional development through courses and workshops offered by the Education and Manpower Bureau as well as through degrees and diplomas from local and overseas universities.

Class Structure:

Grade No. of Classes No. of Pupils
1 4 140
2 4 140
3 4 140
4 4 140
5 4 140
6 4 140

Staff Establishment:

58 teaching staff, teacher to class ratio, 2.42:1