Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Q1: I would like to apply for a Primary One place in Diocesan Girls’ Junior School for my daughter. When will application be open? Do I need to go to the school to collect the application form in person?

A1: Details on Primary One Application procedures are available on the school website starting from August every year. The application platform will be open at the school website from mid-August to late August. There is no need for parents to come to the school to collect an application form in person.


Q2: Is Primary One application at DGJS open to all kindergarten students?

A2: Yes. Kindergarten girls who fall within the specified age range are eligible.


Q3: If I have applied for a Primary One place for my daughter, can I still participate in the Primary One Admission (POA) System?

A3: Yes.


Q4: Are there any open days and briefing sessions to allow me to know more about DGJS?

A4: The school will show a video of school functions and activities to parents when the first interview is conducted. Interested parents can also gain a better understanding of the school’s background and mission through the school website, Parents of successful applicants will be invited to a briefing session, during which the school’s characteristics, curriculum, extra-curricular activities, etc. will be introduced. A school tour will also be organized for the new Primary One parents.


Q5: Apart from interviewing students, will parents of applicants also be interviewed?

A5: No.


Q6: What happens during an interview?

A6: The purpose of the first interview is to observe and obtain a general understanding of the basic communication and thinking skills of applicants.
During the first interview, only one parent is allowed to accompany the applicant to the school. While waiting for the applicants, parents will be shown a video of school functions and activities to enhance their understanding of the school.
Some applicants may be invited for a second interview on an individual basis. This is mainly to acquire an understanding of the applicants’ daily life and experience. Their attitude, behaviour, communication skills and overall development will also be appraised.
Please note that parents will not be interviewed.


Q7: If my daughter has not received the invitation for the second interview, does it mean that her application has been unsuccessful?

A7: No. The final result of the application will be released by post at the end of December. Please be patient and wait until the final result is announced.


Q8: Are applicants required to attend a written assessment?

A8: No.


Q9: Are applicants required to be proficient in Putonghua?

A9: No. Since our Primary One Chinese classes are conducted in Cantonese, applicants are not required to be proficient in Putonghua.


Q10: Will applicants’ knowledge on current affairs be assessed?

A10: No.


Q11: Does commitment to various extra-curricular activities and interest classes affect the chances of admission?

A11: No. The school does not encourage parents to arrange too many extra-curricular activities and tutorial classes for their young children.


Q12: Would the girls be told which areas in school are out of bounds?

A12: Each Primary One student is taken care of by a Primary Six Big Sister during her first year at DGJS. On the first day of school, she will be led on a tour of the campus, including all out-of-bound areas.


Q13: How many identification badges are there for each student?

A13: For easy identification and the sake of our students’ safety, parents will be asked to wear their Identification Badge to school whenever they want to enter the school campus. Each family can apply for a maximum of 3 badges.


Q14: Are parents allowed to enter the classrooms or other places within the school? How long can parents stay when they are on campus?

A14: Parents are allowed to enter their daughter’s classroom on special occasions, e.g. on the first few days of school in September (for Primary One students) and on the last day before and first day after a long holiday (for Primary One to Four students). Parents are also welcome to stay on Level 1 or Level 4 in the morning before school begins.


Q15: Where do parents drop off their girls in the morning?

A15: If parents drive, they should drop their girls off at a safe and legal spot near the school, not right in front of the Gascoigne Road Gate. If there is a need, an adult should then accompany the girl to school.


Q16: Are teachers reachable by phone and email?

A16: Teachers can be reached by phone or through the eClass platform.


Q17: Do girls need to know how to swim before they start school in September?

A17: It will be good if they do, but it is not a requirement.


Q18: Is it mandatory for my daughter to learn at least one musical instrument while studying at DGJS?

A18: Although music activities are vibrant in our school, parents have total freedom to decide whether or not their daughters learn any musical instruments. However, we will provide an opportunity for lower primary parents and students to attend an instrumental demonstration workshop, where they can consider taking up a musical instrument.


Q19: Is the indoor pool opened throughout the year? Can parents watch their girls swim?

A19: During the cooler months, the pool will undergo maintenance. For more details regarding the use of the pool, please access our Aquatics Club website at


Q20: What is the learning environment like at DGJS?

A20: While our school is committed to excellence, we are more concerned about our students’ whole-person wellbeing, namely in terms of their physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual development. In school, great emphasis is placed on fostering love, integrity, perseverance and responsibility. After class, homework is kept at a reasonable amount, in the hope that there is room for relaxation and time for our students to develop other interests. We aim to offer our students a happy school life and childhood.

Q1: 想替女兒報讀拔萃女小學,何時可以辦理報名手續?是否需要親臨學校索取表格?

A1: 本校的小一申請資料於每年八月上載至本校網頁,家長可在八月中旬至下旬在本校網頁辦理報名手續,無須到本校排隊索取報名表格。


Q2: 請問就讀哪一間幼稚園才能報讀拔萃女小學?

A2: 其實只要年齡符合就可以報讀本校的小一,就讀任何一間幼稚園的女生也可以報讀拔萃女小學。


Q3: 已在拔萃女小學報名申請小一入學,還可以參加政府學校的派位嗎?

A3: 可以。


Q4: 學校是否設有開放日和簡介會?

A4: 第一次約見時,本校會播放校內活動片段供家長觀看。家長亦可透過學校網頁,了解本校的背景和教學理念。申請學生獲取錄後,本校會安排新生家長參與簡介會,詳盡介紹本校的特色、課程、課外活動等等,同時亦會帶領家長參觀校園。


Q5: 請問學校除了約見申請學生外,還會接見家長嗎?

A5: 小一約見是不需接見家長的。


Q6: 約見的內容是什麼?

A6: 約見的目的是觀察及了解學生的基本聽說和思維能力。此次約見只需一位家長陪同出席,約見期間家長會觀看校內活動片段,以加深對本校的認識。


Q7: 若女兒沒有收到第二次約見的邀請,是否代表不獲取錄呢?

A7: 不是。小一約見結果將會在十二月下旬公布,所以請家長耐心等候學校的通知。


Q8: 申請人須進行筆試嗎?

A8: 申請人毋須進行筆試。


Q9: 申請人須操流利普通話嗎?

A9: 本校小一中文科均以廣東話授課,申請人毋須操流利普通話。


Q10: 請問學校是否會考核申請人對時事的認識?

A10: 不會。


Q11: 若申請人參加不同的課外活動和興趣班,對申請入學有幫助嗎?

A11: 沒有影響。本校不鼓勵家長為年幼子女安排過多的課外活動和補習班。


Q12: 學生有機會了解校內哪些地方屬學校禁止進入的範圍嗎?

A12: 每位小一新生在入讀拔萃女小學的第一年都會由一位六年級大姐姐專責照顧。大姐姐會在上學的第一天帶領小一新生認識校園,包括了解校內所有禁止學生進入的範圍。


Q13: 每位學生可持有多少張識別證?

A13: 為方便識別及確保學生安全,家長須佩戴識別證方可進入校園。每個學生家庭可申請最多三張識別證。


Q14: 家長是否可以進入教室或校內其他地方?家長可以在學校逗留多久?

A14: 家長在特別情況下可以進入教室,例如小一家長可在九月剛開學的首三個上學日進入小一教室;小一至小四家長可在長假前上學日的最後一天和長假後上學日的第一天進入教室。家長也可以在早上上課前於一樓或四樓逗留片刻。


Q15: 家長早上可在哪裡讓學生下車?

A15: 如學生是坐家中的轎車上學,司機應讓學生在學校附近一個安全和合法的位置下車,不應把車停在加士居道校門前。家長可按需要於下車後陪伴女兒到學校。


Q16: 家長可以用電話和電郵聯絡老師嗎?

A16: 家長可以用電話和eClass校園平台聯絡老師。


Q17: 學生需在九月開學前學會游泳嗎?

A17: 學校不會強制規定學生在九月開學前學會游泳。但如果學生能先掌握基本游泳技巧,則對其大有裨益。


Q18: 女兒就讀拔萃女小學期間,一定要學習最少一種樂器嗎?

A18: 雖然本校音樂活動種類繁多,但家長可自由決定是否讓學生學習樂器。學校每年都會為低年級的學生和家長舉辦樂器示範工作坊,家長和學生可考慮是否學習樂器。


Q19: 室內游泳池是否全年開放?家長可以觀看女兒游泳嗎?

A19: 室內游泳池會在秋冬時分進行定期維修保養。如需索取更多有關使用泳池的資料,請瀏覽本校泳會網頁:


Q20: 學校的學習環境是怎樣的?

A20: 本校致力追求卓越,更重視學生在靈德智體群美各方面的全人發展,積極培養學生關愛、誠實、堅毅及盡責的精神。學校家課量適中,旨在讓學生享受閒暇,亦能善用課餘時間發展興趣。學校希望為每位學生締造愉快的童年學習生活。