Fee Remission Scheme

Fee Remission Scheme

Partial or full remission may be granted in cases of genuine need, subject to the approval of the D.G.S. School Fees Sub-Committee. Those who wish to apply for fee remission in 2022-2023 are invited to study a summary of the new scheme attached in the appendix. If you qualify and would like to comply with the conditions, please write to:

The Chairman,
D.G.S. School Fees Sub-Committee,
c/o The Supervisor,
Diocesan Girls’ Junior School,
1 Jordan Road,

A full set of the fee remission documents will then be given to all the applicants in due course.

The School needs ample time to check the application forms, conduct investigations and interview applicants. Hence, the results of such applications will be released by around two months after the receipt of the applications. The effective month of fee remission will be the following month (in which the school fee payment is required) after the approval of the application.  

Should you have any enquiries, please call the General Office at 2277 9200.

Thank you for your kind attention.

Students from families with genuine financial need, including but not limited to those receiving the Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (CSSA) and/or financial assistance provided by the Working Family and Student Financial Assistance Agency (WFSFAA), can apply for school fee remission.

The eligibility for receiving financial assistance from the Scheme is dependent upon the level of ‘Annual Family Income’, the total number of ‘Family Members’ and the net assets under the applicant and his/her spouse’s names. This is set out in Table 1. (See below).

The ‘Annual Family Income’ of the family means the annual income* from the sources of the applicant and the applicant’s spouse specified in Table 2 (see below), 30% of the annual income* of any unmarried children residing with the family, and the contributions from other children, relatives and friends.

‘Family Members’ refer to the applicant, the applicant’s spouse, the unmarried children and the dependent parents residing with the family.

In a single-parent family, the total number of ‘Family Members’ is, for the purpose of calculation, increased by one additional member.

The School will also consider, on a case-by-case basis, applications from families with special / urgent financial needs.

Table 1: Criteria for Eligibility of Fee Remission Scheme

Level of Fee Remission ‘Annual Family Income’ (HK dollars)
Total no. of ‘Family Members’:
Total no. of ‘Family Members’:
Total no. of ‘Family Members’:
5 and above
100% fee remission $0 to $212,500 $0 to $245,000 $0 to $267,000
75% fee remission $212,501 to $272,500 $245,001 to $341,000 $267,001 to $408,000
50% fee remission $272,501 to $338,000 $341,001 to $422,000 $408,001 to $506,000
25% fee remission $338,001 to $403,000 $422,001 to $504,000 $506,001 to $604,000
No fee remission Above $403,000 Above $504,000 Above $604,000

*Note: The ceiling of the deductible amount of medical expenses for each family member who is chronically ill or permanently incapacitated is $22,300 per year in the academic year 2022/23.

*Annual income refers to the total income earned in the previous fiscal year of the government.

Table 2: Income from all Sources

  Income to be assessed   Income not to be assessed
1 Basic salary (excluding contributions to provident fund, e.g. MPF) 1 Scholarships awarded
2 Year-end double pay/leave pay 2 Disability allowance and Old age allowance
3 Allowance (including housing, travel, meals, education, shift allowance, etc) 3 Long service payment/contract gratuity
4 Bonus/commission 4 Severance pay
5 Wages in lieu of notice of dismissal 5 Loans
6 Profits from business/investments 6 One-off retirement gratuity/provident fund
7 Alimony/living expenses from ex-spouse 7 Inheritance
8 Contributions from family members or relatives 8 Charitable donations
9 Interests earned from bank deposits, stocks & shares, etc 9 Comprehensive Social Security Assistance
10 Rental income from property 10 Retraining allowance
11 Monthly pension/widow’s & children’s compensation/gratuity 11 Traffic/insurance/injury indemnity

Please click the following link to download a sample.  | Sample Family |