Pr. 3 Washroom

Theme: Environmental Conservation for a Green Paradise 主題︰綠茵天地 ―― 保育環境 Artist’s Design Concept: Environmental conservation is an important issue in today’s society. In addition to seeking active public support, education is of paramount importance in promoting environmental protection. Apart from introducing conservation concepts in the classroom, we also encourage our students to learn in context by beautifying the washroom, a place we frequent every day. We believe it is an ideal platform to spread the message of cherishing the environment. The design concept of the mural mainly embraces the 4Rs: reduce, to use fewer resources in the first place; reuse, to use an item again after it has been used whenever possible; replace, to use durable items instead of one-off disposable ones; and recycle, to turn old or used products into new ones instead of throwing them away. The mural design mainly consists of two parts: an image interpretation of the 4R concept and a showcase of a non-polluting green world full of vigour and vitality. The design ideas of the mural suggest that if everyone strives to make the world a better place, we will soon become the owner of a green paradise. Students’ awareness of environmental protection is thus stimulated through active engagement in acting on the slogan, ‘A Green Life Starts with Me!’ Every effort from every individual makes a big difference to the environment, no matter how small and insignificant it may seem. The washroom is an often visited place, so through encouraging our students to take care of their surroundings, we hope our girls will extend their learning by making an effort to protect the natural environment. 意念︰ 「保育環境」是現今社會的重要議題,但在呼籲大眾積極保育的同時,教育下一代更為重要。除了在課堂上把保育的觀念傳遞給學生外,我們亦可通過每天必到的洗手間,讓同學從生活中學習,相信這也是一個理想的推展平台。 洗手間壁畫的設計主要圍繞環保「4R」理念,分別為 Reduce ―― 減少使用,Reuse ―― 物盡其用,Replace ―― 替代使用,以及 Recycle ―― 循環再用。整個設計主要分為兩個部分,第一部分以圖像詮釋何謂環保 4R 的概念;而另一部分則呈現出一個生機勃勃,沒有污染的綠色世界。 壁畫主體設計著意體現若人人致力環保,我們將擁有綠茵天地,從而激發學生們保護環境的意念,身體力行,真正做到「綠色生活,由我做起!」只要每人貢獻一分力,即使很微小的改變,也能為環境帶來大不同!洗手間是大家常到的地方,希望各同學能愛護它,並珍惜我們擁有的大自然。 Mural Painting Workshop to Beautify the Pr. 3 Washroom With the positive feedback from Pr. 1 students and parents, we are delighted to arrange a mural painting workshop for our students to beautify the Pr. 3 washroom through mural painting on the walls and doors. Look at the pictures to appreciate their creativity.