World Choir Games 2014 – Riga, Latvia

The Diocesan Riga Choir at the 8th World Choir Games The Diocesan Riga Choir, comprising of 64 girls aged between 9 and 11, was awarded the Gold Medal at the 8th World Choir Games held in Riga, Latvia in July, 2014. The choirs competing in the category of Young Children’s Choirs were from various countries as listed below: Estonia: 1 team Russia: 1 team Latvia: 1 team Korea: 1 team People’s Republic of China: 6 teams Hong Kong SAR: 1 team (our school) Out of these 11 teams, only 3 were awarded the Gold Medal with the following marks : Latvia 89.88 Hong Kong SAR 88.25 Estonia 82.75 Many supportive parents accompanied their daughters on this trip and a total of 115 people enjoyed participation in many events, such as : the Street Parade, the Competition, the Award-Giving Ceremony, the Closing Ceremony, as well as educational visits to the Riga Zoo, the Latvian Ethnographic Open-Air Museum, the Sigulda Castle and a cruise along the river Daugava.