Students enjoy a wide variety of experiences outside the classroom setting to broaden their perspectives and develop skills such as leadership, communication and team-building.

Primary 5 Robot Soccer Challenge
Jurassic Garage
Consumer Council Earth 2038’s Learning Journey of Sustainable Consumption
English Author’s Talk
Primary 4 Public Speaking Workshop
Primary 6 Blockchain Workshop
CEDAR Fund 貧窮人的抉擇 Programme
Maths Fun Day
Primary 4 Stop Motion Video Production Workshop
Primary 4 Robotics and Coding Event
Police Dog Showcase
Peer Gatekeeping Week
Primary 6 Project T – Food Waste Booth Day
A Christmas Journey
Pr. 5 Yakult Talk
Patience and Humility Programme
Spring Concert
Primary 5 Microscopy
Pr. 4- 6 Talk on Sports Injury
English Author’s Talk
Pr. 1 – Pr. 6 LEAP Core and Extension Programmes
National Education Online Quiz Activity
PTH Variety Show
作家分享會 — 胡燕青
P.2 Talk on Honesty
Pr. 6 Talk on Building Healthy Relationships with the Opposite Sex
P.2-3 Anti-smoking Drama Show
Dress Casual Day
SKH St. Christopher’s Home Love Chocolate Charity Sale
Pr. 6 Leadership Training Programme
Pr. 4 to Pr. 6 Talk on Prevention of Internet Crime
Anti-bullying Talk for Pr. 4 and Pr. 5
Pr. 2-3 校園衛生保衛隊講座
Pr. 2 to Pr. 3 Sex Education Talk – The difference between boys and girls
Pr. 4 to Pr. 5 Sex Education Talk – Body boundaries between boys and girls
Drama Show: Pr. 2 and Pr. 3 平等細運會
Performance by China National Theatre for Children 中國兒童藝術劇院表演
Christmas Variety Show
Fun Day
School Picnic
Pr. 3 to Pr. 5 Environmental Talk