Pr. 1 – Pr. 6 LEAP Core and Extension Programmes

Primary 1 to Primary 6 LEAP Core Programme

The Life Education Activities Programme (LEAP) Core Programme is an integrated programme of science, social skills development, health and anti-drug education. During the month of February 2023, Primary 1 to Primary 6 students learned about different topics covered in each grade level. Primary 1: Healthy Heroes Primary 2: Nutrition Ignition Primary 3: Body Systems Primary 4: Head Start Primary 5: Tobacco Truths Primary 6: Voice My Choice.

Primary 4 to Primary 6 LEAP Extension Programme The upper primary students also took part in the LEAP extension programme. It is a digital citizen education programme designed for upper primary students covering a range of topics about cyber safety. Primary 4: Cyber Safe Primary 5: Cyber Smart Primary 6: Positive Me