Other Learning Experiences

The School provides additional learning experiences to develop our pupils’ Multiple Intelligences through the informal curriculum.  A variety of activities and functions bring enrichment and enjoyment to our students’ school life.  The School offers plenty of opportunities for participation in Inter-school sports, music, speech and art competitions, essay writing competitions, character and moral development programmes, visits and talks, inter-class competitions and club activities, involvement in community services, and attending the Outward Bound School before graduation in Primary 6, as well as a wealth of other opportunities to develop qualities of leadership, compassion and empathy.  Besides promoting physical fitness and aesthetic appreciation, these activities aim at facilitating the building of character, morality, ethics, consideration and justice, developing confidence and interpersonal skills, and helping pupils develop their abilities to fully realize their potential. 

Through close collaboration with Diocesan Girls’ School, the Parent Teacher Association, other primary schools, professional organizations, and local tertiary institutions, a diverse range of learning activities essential for whole-person development are offered to our students to broaden the scope of learning beyond the formal classroom.