Others 2015-2016

1. The 20th Hong Kong School Chinese and English Penmanship Competitions, organised by the Hong Kong Professional Teachers’ Union and the Hong Kong Hard Pen Calligraphists’ Association:

Karina Lai (Pr. 2) – Merit Prize in Chinese Penmanship
Chan Chun Yi (Pr. 4) – Merit Prize in Chinese Penmanship
Lam Yin Ga (Pr. 2) – First in English Penmanship
Claire Ng (Pr. 2) – Second in English Penmanship

2. Vanessa Woo (Pr. 6) and Stefanie Li (Pr. 5) were appointed as the Arts Ambassadors in the 8th Arts Ambassadors-in-School Scheme, organised by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council and supported by the EDB.  Students with outstanding performance in and enthusiasm for the promotion of arts were appointed as Arts Ambassadors.  The Scheme provided them with more opportunities to participate in arts activities so as to broaden their horizons and extend their influence to the community.

3. Hong Kong Youth Improvement Award 2015 (2015全港青少年進步獎), organised by Elsie Tu Education Fund and New Youth Hong Kong:

Kelly Kwok (Pr. 4) – Winner
Cecilia Hung (Pr. 5) – Winner
Adeline Cheung (Pr. 6) – Winner 

4. In the Sir Robert Black Trust Fund Grants for Talented Students in Non-academic Fields 2015-2016, organised by Sir Robert Black Trust Fund Committee, Summer Lam of Pr. 5 was granted a subsidy of $5,000 to take swimming courses by South China Athletic Association Swimming Team.

5.  The School participated in a territory-wide healthy eating campaign entitledEatsmart@school.hk, promoted by the Department of Health. Activities were organised to promote healthy eating habits. The School has achieved ‘Basic Level Accreditation’, ‘Advanced Level Accreditation (Lunch)’ and ‘Advanced Level Accreditation (Snacks)’ and has been recognised by the Department of Health as a model of an ‘Eatsmart’ school in Hong Kong. This is the third time the School receives the recognition, and the School is awarded the accreditation for 9 consecutive years.

The following girls represent our school to get the awards.

Charmaine Doo (Pr. 3), Chu Zhi Ling (Pr. 3) and Jasmine Khuu (Pr. 4)

6. The Most Outstanding Students in Yau-Tsim-Mong District 2015 – 2016 sponsored by the Yau-Tsim-Mong District Liaison Committee:

Audrey Miu (Pr. 6)

7. The Hong Kong Outstanding Teens Election 2016 organised by the Hong Kong Playground Association: Audrey Miu (Pr. 6)

8. The Most Improved Students in Yau-Tsim-Mong District 2015 – 2016 sponsored by the Yau-Tsim-Mong District Liaison Committee:

Pr. 6: Lam Hiu Nam, Adeline Chan, Camellia Lai
Pr. 5: Cheung Wai Sum, Natalie Hong, Inez Quah, Abby So
Pr. 4: Chan Tin Ling, Hannah Mak, Rebekah Lui, Hayley Wan
Pr. 3: Bethany Cheng, Nicole Cheng, Calinda Chan, Monique Khouw
Pr. 2: Chan Tsz Nam, Aimee Leung, Chu Wai Ling, Cheng Wai Yan
Pr. 1: Audrey Hue, Valerie Wong, Alanna Wang, Kristina Chung

9. “I’m with You” Award Scheme 2016 was jointly organised by the Committee on Home-School Co-operation, Hong Kong Ocean Park and the Department of Social Work and Social Administration, The University of Hong Kong. Two students from each grade were selected to receive this award for their outstanding efforts in building a caring and positive school culture.

Athena Lam (Pr. 1), Aster So (Pr. 1), Lui Yin Hei (Pr. 2), Angie Li (Pr. 2), Isabel Nip (Pr. 3), Sophie Cheung (Pr. 3), 
Hannah Wu (Pr. 4), Jodie Chan (Pr. 4), Chloe Chan (Pr. 5), Charmaine Lau (Pr. 5), Chloe Cheung (Pr. 6) and Bernice Tsui (Pr. 6)

Each student received a certificate and two Ocean Park tickets.

10. In the Junior Chefs’ Culinary Ideas of Salt and Sugar Reduction Competition, organised by the Centre for Food Safety and the Education Bureau, in collaboration with the Chinese Culinary Institute and the Committee on Home-School Co-operation, Annette Ma of Pr. 5 and her father’s team received the Second Runner-up and Most Liked Award.