Notes to Primary One (2020-2021)

Notes to Primary One (2020-2021)














More information for New Primary One Parents



PE T-shirt and Tracksuit

Parents are advised to buy the relevant house colour PE T-shirt. Since the results of the house allocation will be released in September, parents can buy the PE T-shirt after they have been informed of their daughter’s house.


The PE tracksuit is a must-have item for our girls when they go on school outings or attend special school activities.


Wearing School Uniform during the Bridging Course

Girls must put on their proper school uniform during the Bridging Course for easy identification.


Submission of Maths Workbook on the First Day of the Bridging Course (17th August 2020)

The whole set of textbooks for Pr. 1 should be available by the end of July.


Briefing and Seminars for Parents in late August and Instrumental Demonstration Workshop in early September

Due to the social distancing arrangements, only one parent of each student is welcome to the briefing and seminars in late August, and the Instrumental Demonstration Workshop in early September.


More details on school life will be covered during the briefing.


School Bus Service on 1st and 2nd September 2020

The school bus service will start from 1st September 2020. Parents, domestic helpers, etc. may not remain within the school premises after the first bell at 8:10 a.m., unless they have special permission to do so.  They should not enter the premises before 3:30 p.m. (winter time) / 1:20 p.m. (summer time) Parents, domestic helpers tending to girls, etc. are only allowed in the DGJS Courtyard (Level 1) in the new school year.


Submission of a Cheque for HK$59 for Purchase of a Chair Pouch

If you wish to purchase a chair pouch, please prepare a cheque for HK$59 payable to “Diocesan Girls’ Junior School” and send it to school by mail on or before 31st July 2020. However, parents can also complete the transaction in the School Office after the new term has started.