Visual Arts 2013-2014

Visual Arts

1) Yau Tsim Mong District Youth Activities 2013 Creative Drawing Competition organized by Home Affairs Department and 
     Yau Tsim Mong District Office:
Sophia Chan (Pr. 2) – Merit
Anthea Ho (Pr. 2) – Merit

2) Évora 2013 The 14th International Meeting of Juvenile Art, organized by TEOARTIS- Associação de Atividades e Culturais:
Vanessa Kam (Pr. 2) – Gold Medal

3) 2012 International Year of Co-operative Art and Design Competition, organized by Po Leung Kuk:
          Evelyn Cheng (Pr. 1) – First (International Competition)

4) Yuen Ho Lam (Pr. 6) and Emily Stewart (Pr. 6) were appointed as the Arts Ambassadors in the 6th Arts Ambassadors-in-School
     Scheme, organized by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council and supported by the EDB.  Students with outstanding performance
     in and enthusiasm for the promotion of arts were appointed as Arts Ambassadors.  The Scheme provided them with more
     opportunities to participate in arts activities so as to broaden their horizons and extend their influence to the community.

5) The International Children Painting Competition in Hong Kong 2013/14, organized by the Promotion of Young Artists Foundation:
         Annette Ma (Pr. 3) : Gold Prize in 4 – 8 year-old Age Group
         Lau Sin Ka (Pr. 2) : Silver Prize in 4 – 8 year-old Age Group