Others 2013-2014


1)  The 5th Outstanding Primary School Students Award Scheme, organized by Heung To Education Organization Ltd.:

Faith Shiu (Pr. 6) – Winner  

2)  The 18th Annual Chinese and English Calligraphy Competition, organized by the Hong Kong Professional Teachers’ Union:

Anna Sum (Pr. 3) – Chinese – Merit Prize


3)  The 7th Election of Hong Kong Junior Chief Executives (JCEs) Competition, organized by the Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs Association of Hong Kong:  

Shirley Wong (Pr. 6) – Winner


4)  In the Hong Kong Outstanding Teens Election 2014 organized by the Hong Kong Playground Association and co-organized by Outstanding Young Persons’ Association and the Outstanding Teens Association, Faith Shiu and Chloe Shieh were presented the Merit Award among over 500 nominations.


5) After three rigorous rounds of selected tests organized by Mass Mutual Asia, Alexa Ma of Pr. 4 and Rachel Cheung of Pr. 6 were chosen as Junior Astronauts out of 2000 competitors. Together with their parents, Alexia and Rachel attended a fully subsidized nine-day space exploration journey in the United States Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama and the Kennedy Space Centre in Florida at the end of July 2014.

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