Others 2012-2013




The Most Improved Students in DGJS (2012-2013) – sponsored by the Yau-Tsim-Mong Liaison Committee:


Pr. 1 – Chan Hei, Bernice Ou, Bernice Chow, Hannah Wu
Pr. 2 – Michelle Wong, Chan Wing Kiu, Michelle Yuen, Ingrid Ho
Pr. 3 – Jasmine Liu, Ip Tsz Oi, Clara Cheung
Pr. 4 – April Lam,Charmaine Ser, Chong Sum Yip
Pr. 5 – Chloe Wong, Sofia Hong, Gily Yu
Pr. 6 – Yau Hoi Man, Eunice Cheng, Cherry Tsang



Yau-Tsim-Mong anti-drug slogan competition, organized by Fight Crime Committee (Yau Tsim Mong District):

Godiva Kwan (Pr. 5)
Sarah Kwok (Pr. 5) 

Second Runner-up



The 4th Outstanding Primary School Students Award Scheme, organized by Heung To Education Organization Ltd.:

Tam Ka Wing (Pr. 6) 




The 37th Hong Kong Youth Cultural and Arts Competitions – Putonghua Recitation Competition, organized by the Hong Kong Youth Cultural and Arts Competition Committee:

  Woo Ho Tung (Pr. 3)

Champion (Primary School Section)



The Most Outstanding Students in the Yau-Tsim-Mong District 2012-2013, sponsored by the Yau-Tsim-Mong District Liaison Committee:


 Jess Mok (Pr. 6)



In the ‘Be a Little Teacher Campaign 2013’, organized by Learning Plus Language Centre to support ORBIS Kids Sight Programme:

    Allie Ng (Pr. 2)  

Third (Elementary level)



In the ‘Creative Readers Award 2013’, which is part of the Hong Kong International Young Readers Festival 2013:

    Yuen Ho Lam (Pr. 5) 

 Gold Award



Outstanding Brownies Election 2013 (Yau-Tsim-Mong District):


Yip Chuen Yan (Pr. 6) and Angela Luk (Pr. 6)



“Di Zi Gui” Recitation, Nursery Rhymes and Parent-Child Story-Telling Competition (2013), co-organized by Fukien Secondary School Affiliated School and Federation of Parent Teacher Associations in Kwun Tong District Ltd:   

    Venice Cheng (Pr. 2)
Rachel Wong (Pr. 2)
Sienna Wong (Pr. 2)
Leung Hiu Kei (Pr. 2)

First Honours
First Honours
First Honours
The Best Performer Award


International Competitions and Assessments for Schools 2013, organized by the University of New South Wales:


Medal Award
Lee Cheuk Lam (Pr. 4)
Ellery Gopaoco (Pr. 6)

High Distinction Award (54 students)
Pr. 3 – Alexa Ma, Audrey Miu, Hayley Chan, Stephanie Cannon, Lillian Chung, Jasmine Faddis, Valerie Tsoi
Pr. 4 – Adelaide Kwan, Lee Cheuk Lam, Tong Tin Wai, Jade Wong, Chan Fai Leui, Jamie Chua, Wong Hiu Yu,
Hazelle Yau, Olga Kwan, Gabrielle Luk, Tiffany Ng, Charis Wong, Charlie Wong
Pr. 5 – Tania Chan, Sharon Chau,Chong Yan Ying, Fong Sin Hang, Anne Kwok, Tiffany Lo, Elizabeth Lu, Meagan Ng,
Nicole Tung, Chloe Shieh, Annette Lam, Pearl Cheng, Wong Wing Lam, Andreanna Chan, Jody Cheng,
Chloe Cheung, Sarah Kwok, Nicol Tsang, Elena Vermeer, Jacqueline Yu
Pr. 6 – Aurora Chan, Ellery Gopaoco,Tracy Lee, Charlotte Leung, Michelle Ng, Fion Tse, Florence Lo, Tam Ka Wing, 
Danielle Yung, Lindsey Chan, Charlotte Cheng, Michelle Lai, Yoyo Li, Hane Mok

English Writing

Medal Award
Luk Tian Nan Gabrielle (Pr. 4)
Elizabeth Lu (Pr. 5)

High Distinction Award (22 students)
Pr. 3 – Jaclyn Chow, Lillian Chung, Valerie Tsoi, Pang Ching Sang
Pr. 4 – Chan Long Kiu, Jasmine Law, Bertha Lo, Hazelle Yau, Jamie Chow, Wong Hiu Yu, Olga Kwan, Gabrielle Luk
Pr. 5 – Elizabeth Lu, Grace Cheng, Annette Lam, Pearl Cheng, Andreana Chan
Pr. 6 – Ellery Gopaoco, Michelle Chan, Florence Lo, Lindsey Chan, Charlotte Cheng 

Mathematics in English

Medal Award
Lee Kwan Ning Annie (Pr. 5)
Lau Sze Wing Tiffany (Pr. 6)

High Distinction Award (15 students)
Pr. 3 – Kung Mei Hang, Hayley Chan, Ip Tsz Oi, Sheung Yui Yuen, Lillian Chung
Pr. 4 – Lee Cheuk Lam, Emily Chan, Gabrielle Luk
Pr. 5 – Godiva Kwan, Annie Lee, Ng Sze Mai
Pr. 6 – Cheung Lok Yee, Tiffany Lau, Tam Ka Wing, Aimee Wong 

Science in English
25 students from Primary 6 participated in the Science in English Assessment.  1 student awarded Certificate of High Distinction, 11 students awarded Certificates of Distinction, and 9 students were awarded Certificates of Credit.


In the Green Living Award Scheme 2013, organized by Danny Catering Service Ltd., Diocesan Girls’ Junior School won the Gold Award for Green Living Promise Card Campaign.

Jocelyn Yue (Pr. 2) – Champion in Green Cooking Menu Design Contest (Primary Section)
Jolene Lai (Pr. 2) – Merit in Green Cooking Menu Design Contest (Primary Section)
Sophia Chan (Pr. 1) – Merit in Green Living Drawing Contest


The 6th HKQAA “My Dream Home” Writing Contest (2013) organized by Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency:

Tung Nicole Wing Hei (Pr. 5) – 2nd Runner-up in Primary Division
Fong Sin Hang (Pr. 5) – Merit in Primary Division


The Hong Kong Youth Science Fiction Writing Competition 2013 (Chinese Section), organized by Hong Kong New Generation Cultural Association:

Adelaide Kwan (Pr. 4) – 1st Runner-up in Primary Division
Heidi Ho (Pr. 5) – 2nd Runner-up in Primary Division
Yoyo Li (Pr. 6) – Merit in Primary Division


The online learning platform ‘Reading Treasure’ 2012-2013, organized by KanHan Educational Services Limited:

Diocesan Girls’ Junior School – The Most Active Participating School of the Year
Angelina Wong (Pr. 2) – Individual Award of the Year – Second Runner-up


The 25th Asia-Pacific Children’s Convention in Fukuoka, Japan, sponsored by the Hong Kong Junior Chamber of Commerce:

Faith Shiu (Pr. 5) was chosen as one of the six Hong Kong representatives to attend the Convention.