Visual Arts 2012-2013

Visual Arts


Lucy Stewart (Pr. 6) and Rachel Tcheng (Pr. 6) were appointed as the Arts Ambassadors in the 5th Arts Ambassadors-in-School Scheme, organized by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council and supported by the EDB. Students with outstanding performance in and enthusiasm for the promotion of arts were appointed as Arts Ambassadors. The Scheme provided them with more opportunities to participate in arts activities so as to broaden their horizons and extend their influence to the community. 


In the “Arts Bus: On the Move! 2012 “Green City” Bus Body Design Competition”, co-organized by the Department of Cultural and Creative Arts, Hong Kong Institute of Education and New World First Bus Services Limited and Citybus Limited, the exteriors of 22 buses are redecorated to become mobile arts display to bring out the message of go green into the community. Out of 1,100 submissions received, Sophia Chan’s (Pr. 1) design is selected to be one of the ten winners in the primary school category. You will soon see Sophia’s picture painted on one of the buses running in Hong Kong.


In the ‘Inter-school Crime Prevention Graphic Design Competition’, co-organized by the Hong Kong Police Force Regional Crime Prevention Office (Kowloon West Region) and Kowloon West Youth-Care Committee:

Bertha Wong (Pr. 2)  Merit
Janet Lau (Pr. 1)        Merit


“Dress HK Up: Eco-fashion” competition organized by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council:


Tracy Lee (Pr. 6)
Charlotte Leung (Pr. 6)
Mak Hei Ching (Pr. 6)
Jess Mok (Pr. 6)
Tam Ka Wing (Pr. 6)


Light Rail Road Safety Campaign Drawing Competition organized by the MTR Corporation Ltd:

Sophia Chan (Pr. 1)


The 17th Annual Chinese and English Calligraphy Competition, organized by the Hong Kong Professional Teachers’ Union:

 Alvis Wong (Pr. 2)


 First Prize

Charmaine Tung (Pr. 2)


 Merit Prize


Yau-Tsim-Mong anti-drug slogan competition, organized by Fight Crime Committee (Yau Tsim Mong District):

 Godiva Kwan (Pr. 5)



 Sarah Kwok (Pr. 5)

 Second Runner-up



The 37th Hong Kong Youth Cultural and Arts Competitions – Putonghua Recitation Competition, organized by the Hong Kong Youth Cultural and Arts Competition Committee:

Woo Ho Tung (Pr. 3) – Champion (Primary School Section)


 2013 ‘Summer Design Contest’, organized by Yau Tsim Mong District Youth Programme Committee:

Sophia Chan (Pr. 1)   

Merit in the group ‘Creative Drawing Contest’


2013 Child’s Utopia Drawing Competition (Asia-Pacific region event), organized by International Colere Exchange (Hong Kong):

Charmaine Tung (Pr. 2)  

 First Prize


Charlotte Lai (Pr. 1)

Second Prize


Zabrina Ho (Pr. 2)

Second Prize


Nicole Tung (Pr. 5)

Second Prize


Jacqueline Ho (Pr. 5)

Second Prize