Sports 2012-2013





a) Kowloon West Area Inter-Primary Schools Swimming Competition:
Girls A Grade – First
Girls B Grade – First

b)Hong Kong Island and Kowloon Region Inter-Area Primary Schools Swimming Competition:
9 girls from our School were on the 29-member team representing Kowloon West Area in this competition:
Girls B Grade – Second



Table Tennis

a) All Hong Kong Schools Jing Ying Table Tennis Tournament:
Karisa Lee (Pr. 5) and Jocelyn Ho (Pr. 6)
Karisa Lee (Pr. 5) 
Jocelyn Ho (Pr. 6)

Champion in Girls’ Double
First in Girls’ Single
Second runner up in Girls’ Single

b) Hong Kong Open Table Tennis Championship:
Karisa Lee (Pr. 5)
Isabelle Xiong (Pr. 4)
Karisa Lee (Pr. 5)

Champion in her own age group
Champion in her own age group
Champion in Ladies B Grade

c)Age Group Table Tennis Championship, organized by the District Council and the Leisure and Cultural Services Department:
Isabelle Xiong (Pr. 4)

First in Yuen Long District

d)Age Group Table Tennis Championship, organized by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department:
Phoebe Hui (Pr. 3)


e)Table Tennis Championships for  the New Generation 2012-2013, organized by the Hong Kong Table Tennis Association:
Chelsea Chan (Pr. 2)

Second in her own age group


Kowloon West Area Inter-Primary School Table Tennis Competition: 

Girls A Grade – Champion

Karen Lee (Pr. 4) and Jocelyn Ho (Pr. 6)

Outstanding table tennis players
Girls B Grade – Champion
Karisa Lee (Pr. 5) and
Isabelle Xiong (Pr. 4)

Outstanding table tennis players

g)Hong Kong and Kowloon Region Inter-Primary School Table Tennis Competition:

Girls A Grade – 1st Runner-up

Jocelyn Ho (Pr. 6)       Outstanding table tennis player
Girls B Grade – 1st Runner-up
Karisa Lee (Pr. 5)

Outstanding table tennis player


Hang Seng All Schools Table Tennis Championship:

 Girls’ Section             
3rd Runner-up


Hang Seng Table Tennis Scholarship Scheme:

Chelsea Chan (Pr. 2)        

Star of Tomorrow
Player with the Best Potential




a)Kowloon West Area Inter-Primary School Athletics Meet:
Girls A Grade  – First
Girls B Grade  – Second
Girls Overall   –  First

b)Athletics Competition for Young Children organized by Chinese Athletics Association:
Age group 6 and under
Lam Hei Yu (Pr. 1)

First in 200m, Long Jump, Soft Ball Throwing and Second in 60m and 100m

Age group 7 and under
Aubry Yeung (Pr. 2)Second in Long Jump and Third in Soft Ball Throwing
Hayley Lai (Pr. 2)

Third in 200m

Age group 8 and under
Ho Nok Lam (Pr. 2)Third in 100m
Michelle Yuen (Pr. 2)First in 60m and 100m
Maia Cheung (Pr. 3)Second in 200m and Long Jump, and Third in 60m and 100m
Candace Cheung (Pr. 3)Second in 100m and Third in 60m
Stephanie Cannon (Pr. 3)Second in Long Jump and Third in 200m
Symphony Chan (Pr. 4)

First in 60m and Third in 200m

Age group 10 and under
Choi Ching Lam (Pr. 4)Second in Long Jump
Chong Yan Ying (Pr. 5)

Second in 60m and Third in 100m


Athletics Competition organized by Athkids Junior Sports Association:
Maia Cheung (Pr. 3)

Individual Championship in her own age group


Athletic Competition organized by the Civil Athletic Association:

Ho Nok Lam (Pr. 2)
Michelle Yuen (Pr. 2)
Maia Cheung (Pr. 3)    

Second in 60m
First in 60m and 100m
First in 60m and 100m



Kowloon West Area Inter-Primary Schools Volleyball Competition:
Girls’ Section – 1st Runner-up
Andrea Siu (Pr. 6) and Ceres Yung (Pr. 6) were elected as outstanding volleyball players.




Kowloon West Area Inter-Primary Schools Basketball Competition:
Girls’ Section – Third
Ma Ho Chee (Pr. 6) were elected as outstanding basketball player.


Hong Kong Inter-Area Schools Basketball Competition is organized by Hong Kong Schools Sports Federation.  Ma Ho Chee, Kelly Cheung and Kelly Wan  represented the schools of the Kowloon West Area and competed with the other districts winning temas.

Result: Second

Ma Ho Chee (Pr. 6) were elected as outstanding basketball player.


In the Schools Interport (Macau & Hong Kong) Sports Competition 2013, Ma Ho Chee (Pr. 6) was one of the 11 outstanding players to represent Hong Kong to compete with the Macau Schools Primary Basketball team in Macau on 20th April 2013. The Hong Kong Schools Primary Basketball Team came first.


A.S. Watson Group Hong Kong Student Sports Award:

Vanessa Tang (Pr. 6) – Winner



Kowloon West Area Inter-Primary Schools Badminton Competition 2012-2013, organized by Hong Kong Schools Sports Federation:
Girls’ Section – Champion
Tiffany Tam (Pr. 5) and Ko Tin Nam (Pr. 6) were elected as outstanding badminton players.



All Hong Kong School Gymnastics Competition (Hong Kong and Kowloon District)
Preliminary Round
Girls’ Novice SessionChampion
Jeanie Chung (Pr. 3)Floor Exercise: Second
Chan Siu Yan (Pr. 4)Floor Exercise: Merit
Final Round
Jeanie Chung (Pr. 3)

Floor Exercise: Third



Inter-school Fencing Competition in Kowloon Area B:  
A Grade 
Ma Ho Chee (Pr. 6)First
Tracy Lee (Pr. 6)Third
B Grade 
Hayden Poon (Pr. 4)First
Chloe Suen (Pr. 4)Second
Both teams won the Championship in their session. 


Outstanding Sports Girl in Kowloon West Area:

Vanessa Tang (Pr. 6) 

11.The School was awarded the Gold Cup for outstanding overall sports achievements in the Kowloon West District for the 2012/2013 school year.  A special Gold Cup was also awarded to the School for being the Overall Champion for twenty-four consecutive years.