Speech & Languages 2012-2013

Speech & Languages


The 17th Annual Chinese and English Calligraphy Competition, organized by the Hong Kong Professional Teachers’ Union:  

Alvis Wong (Pr. 2)Chinese1st Prize
Charmaine Tung (Pr. 2)


Merit Prize


The 64th Hong Kong Speech Festival

English Section:
Total Number of entries:

Solo Class:
Choral Speaking:
342 in 52 classes
2 groups
a) Solo Classes:
No. of Girls

1.Jamie See (Pr. 2) – Solo Verse Speaking (Open)
2. Carless Alison (Pr. 3) – Solo Verse Speaking (Open)
3. Audrey Miu (Pr. 3) – Solo Verse Speaking (Open)
4. Ngai Zee Yee (Pr. 1) – Solo Verse Speaking (Non-Open)
5. Mindy Shie (Pr. 2) – Solo Verse Speaking (Non-Open)
6. Miao Hoi Ching (Pr. 2) – Solo Verse Speaking (Non-Open)
7. Cheung Yan Kiu Evelyn (Pr. 2) – Solo Verse Speaking (Non-Open)
8. Sherine Lee (Pr. 2) – Solo Verse Speaking (Non-Open)
9. Nikkia Lo (Pr. 2) – Solo Verse Speaking (Non-Open)
10. Ng Cheuk Yu (Pr. 2) – Solo Verse Speaking (Non-Open)
11. Rita Yu (Pr. 2) – Solo Verse Speaking (Non-Open)
12. Audrey Miu (Pr. 3) – Solo Verse Speaking (Non-Open)
13. Mia Cheung (Pr. 3) – Solo Verse Speaking (Non-Open)
14. Valerie Luk (Pr. 3) – Solo Verse Speaking (Non-Open)
15. Charlotte Lau (Pr. 3) – Solo Verse Speaking (Non-Open)
16. Kathy Chan (Pr. 4) – Solo Verse Speaking (Non-Open)
17. Angie Wong (Pr. 4) – Solo Verse Speaking (Non-Open)
18. Adelaide Kwan (Pr. 4) – Solo Verse Speaking (Non-Open)
19. Nicole Ng (Pr. 4) – Solo Verse Speaking (Non-Open)
20. Sze Wan Yi (Pr. 4) – Solo Verse Speaking (Non-Open)
21. Dillian Kwan (Pr. 5) – Solo Verse Speaking (Non-Open)
22. Maxine Law (Pr. 5) – Solo Verse Speaking (Non-Open)
23. Woo Hoi Tung (Pr. 5) – Solo Verse Speaking (Non-Open)
24. Margaret Siu (Pr. 5) – Solo Verse Speaking (Non-Open)
25. Chloe Au-yeung (Pr. 5) – Solo Verse Speaking (Non-Open)
26. Elena Vermeer (Pr. 5) – Solo Verse Speaking (Non-Open)
27. Ella Tsang (Pr. 6) – Solo Verse Speaking (Non-Open)
28. Chloe Yeung (Pr. 6) – Solo Verse Speaking (Non-Open)
29.Vannese Chan (Pr. 6) – Solo Verse Speaking (Non-Open)
30.Natalie So (Pr. 6) – Solo Verse Speaking (Non-Open)
31. Lucy Stewart (Pr. 6) – Solo Verse Reading (Non-Open)
32.Ashleigh Fung (Pr. 2) – Solo Prose Reading (Non-Open)
33. Vanessa Chan (Pr. 3) – Solo Prose Reading (Non-Open)
34.Adelaide Kwan (Pr. 4) – Solo Prose Reading (Non-Open)
35. Chloe Shieh (Pr. 5) – Solo Prose Reading (Non-Open)

b) Choral:
Primary 2: Harmonic Choral Speaking, Open – First
Primary 3: Harmonic Choral Speaking, Open – First

c) Improvised Dramatic Scenes:
Total entries: 2
Position: 2 thirds

Putonghua Section:
Total number of entries: 144 in 17 classes
Solo Classes:
No. of Girls

1.Yeung Yi Natalie (Pr. 1) – Solo Verse Speaking
2.Chan Shiu Lam Chelsea (Pr. 2)- Solo Verse Speaking
3.Yeung Lok Sze (Pr. 3) – Solo Verse Speaking
4.Kwan Yui Hei Adelaide (Pr. 4) – Solo Verse Speaking
5.Tam Natalie Nga Man (Pr. 4) – Solo Verse Speaking
6.Woo Hoi Tung (Pr. 5) – Solo Verse Speaking
7.Haissaguerre Sophie (Pr. 6) – Solo Verse Speaking
8. Law Tsz Yan Anson(Pr. 6) – Solo Verse Speaking
9. Chan Wing Yin Yanni(Pr. 2) – Solo Prose Speaking
10. Wong Yin Chi Jade (Pr. 4) – Bible Reciting
11. Ko Tin Nam (Pr. 6) – Bible Reciting
Cantonese Section:
Total no. of entries: 104 in 27 classes
Solo Classes:


No. of Girls
1.Mindy Shie (Pr. 2) Solo Verse Speaking
2. Lam Yi Tak (Pr. 2) Solo Verse Speaking
3. Fung Lok Man (Pr. 3) Solo Verse Speaking
4. Ko Tin Yu (Pr. 3) Solo Verse Speaking
5. Woo Ho Tung (Pr. 3) Solo Verse Speaking
6. Woo Hoi Tung (Pr. 5) Solo Verse Speaking
7. Vennese Chan (Pr. 6) Solo Verse Speaking
8. Allie Ng (Pr. 2) Solo Prose Speaking
9. Chelsea Chan (Pr. 2) Solo Prose Speaking
10. Hayley Chan (Pr. 3) Solo Prose Speaking
11. Eizabeth Lu (Pr. 5) Solo Prose Speaking
12. Fong Sin Hang (Pr. 5) Solo Prose Speaking
13.Chloe Yeung (Pr. 6) Solo Prose Speaking
14.Sherine Lee (Pr. 2) Story Telling
15.Adelaide Kwan (Pr. 4) Story Telling


In the “Project for Primary Students Gifted in Chinese Language” Competition 2013,Commissioned by the Curriculum Development Institute, Education Bureau to the Primary School Language Education Research Association:

Tam Ka Wing (Pr. 6)

Gold Prize and a 5-day study tour in Shanghai
Silver Prize for Creative Writing
Silver Prize for Duo Speaking and Impromptu Short Speech
Yoyo Li (Pr. 6)Silver Prize
Gold Prize for Duo Speaking and Impromptu Short Speech
Gold Prize for Creativity in PerformanceVennese Chan (Pr. 6)
Angela Luk (Pr. 6)
Aimee Wong (Pr. 6)
Sabrina Ko (Pr. 6)
Yoyo Li (Pr. 6)
Silver Prize for Creativity in Performance

Anson Chan (Pr. 6)
Divina Yung (Pr. 6)
Alicia Chan (Pr. 6)
Tam Ka Wing (Pr. 6)
Yip Chuen Yan (Pr. 6)
Ramona Chin (Pr. 6)


In the Hong Kong Young Writers Awards 2013, the stories by Michelle Ng Wing Sze (Pr. 6) and Natalie Wang Lai Ka (Pr. 6)  were published in “New Tales of the Yangtze River, the 2013 Hong Kong Young Writers Awards Anthology.”


Hong Kong Budding Poets (English) Awards 2012-2013, co-organized by the Gifted Education Section and Native-speaking English Teacher Section of the Education Bureau:

Primary Section
Cheng Yi Ting (Pr. 6)
Tracy Lee (Pr. 6)
Cordelia Wong (Pr. 4)
Catherine Choi (Pr. 5)
Olga Kwan (Pr. 4)
Valerie Kwan (Pr. 5)
Grace Cheng (Pr. 5)
Elena Vermeer (Pr. 5)

The Best Improviser of the Year, Merit
First Runner-up
Third Runner-up


The 19th Bible Reading Festival organised by the Chinese Bible International Ltd.:

Solo Verse Speaking (Putonghua)
Pr. 6Renee Chan (Pr. 6)
Sophie Haissaguerre (Pr. 6)
Wan Tsz Tung (Pr. 6)
2nd runner up
Pr. 5Chong Yan Ying (Pr. 5)1st runner up
Pr. 4Kathy Chan (Pr. 4)
Tiffany Chan (Pr. 4)
Adelaide Kwan (Pr. 4)
Carina Yu (Pr. 4)
1st runner up
Pr. 3Esther Fung (Pr. 3)
Valerie Tsoi (Pr. 3)
Woo Ho Tung (Pr. 3)
Yeung Lok Sze (Pr. 3)
Faddis Jasmine (Pr. 3)
1st runner up
1st runner up
2nd runner up
Pr. 2Rachel Wong (Pr. 2)
Yanni Chan (Pr. 2)
Mindy Shie (Pr. 2)
Wong Ka Yu (Pr. 2)
Stefanie Li (Pr. 2)
Rita Yu (Pr. 2)
1st runner up
2nd runner up
2nd runner up
Pr. 1

Eunice Fung (Pr. 1)

Overall Champion


In the 9th Hong Kong Schools Putonghua Drama Competition, organized by Man Kwan Educational Organization and the Jockey Club Eduyoung College, and co-organized by the Education Bureau, our school team comprising of Sharon Chau (Pr. 5), Godiva Kwan (Pr. 5), Maxine Law (Pr. 5), Faith Shiu (Pr. 5) and Jasmine Wong (Pr. 5) won the Merit Award.  Sharon Chau also received the Outstanding Actor Award.

8.Storytelling Competition 2013, organized by the Boys’ and Girls’ Club Association of Hong Kong, RTHK and Bank of East Asia:
Adelaide Kwan (Pr. 4)
Sherine Lee (Pr. 2)

First (Cantonese Section)
Second (Cantonese Section)


Story-telling Competition 2013, organized by TVB and the Hong Kong Professional Teachers’ Union:

Woo Ho Tung (Pr. 3) – Champion in Junior Primary Cantonese Section


Hong Kong Schools Putonghua Speech and Art Competition 2013, conducted by the Putonghua Teachers’ Association:

Solo Verse Speaking
Yeung Sze Hang (Pr. 2) – 1st runner up


6th Hong Kong Students Open Speech Competition, conducted by the Speech and   Music Recital Development Foundation:

Solo Verse Speaking
Eunice Kung (Pr. 1) –  2nd runner up