Maths & Science 2011-2012

Maths & Science


In the 2012 Hong Kong Youth Science Technology Invention Competition, we are pleased to announce that four of our students were awarded merit prizes for their investigation report and invention among 10,000 participants.

Pearl Cheng, Andreana Chan and Amanda Wong from primary four were awarded a merit prize for their investigation report on the melting speed of popsicles in relation to their container materials. The girls are from the Beginners’ Level of the Gifted Young Scientists Workshop and had been working on their project since November 2011.

Serena Tsui of primary six was awarded a merit prize for her invention “Golden Retriever”. Inspired by her mother’s foot injury, Serena’s invention assists in helping people look for things that have rolled under heavy objects. Serena was a member of the Advanced Level of the Gifted Young Scientists Workshop.


In the “World Class Tests Spring 2011”, organized by the World Class Arena, Diocesan Girls’ Junior School achieved the “Most Outstanding Group Performance in Mathematics (Aged 8-11)”, and the “Most Outstanding Group Performance in Problem Solving (Aged 8-11)”.

3.Six Pr. 6 girls took part in the 3rd Super 24 Invitation Competition, organized by S.T.F.A. Seaward Woo College in December 2011 and obtained very good results:
Chau King Ling (Pr. 6)Second

Avala Ngan (Pr. 6) and Jimsyn Jia (Pr. 6)



In the 8th Mathematics Creative Problem-Solving Competition for Primary Schools, DGJS was awarded the Silver Prize in the Preliminary Round.  Members of the team were: Tiffany Sham (Pr. 6), Yvonne Chan (Pr. 6), Celeste Wu (Pr. 6) and Jimsyn Jia (Pr. 6).


The Environmental Ambassadors participated in the “Hong Kong Park Green Hunt” competition organized by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department and the Hong Kong Bird Watching Society.  They had to complete various missions while searching for and identifying birds around the park.  They came third in the competition and won the “Best Hat Design” Award.

6.2011-2012 Hong Kong Budding Scientist Award
Celeste Wu (Pr. 6), Serena Tsui (Pr. 6), Divina Yung (Pr. 5), Hannah Szeto (Pr. 5) and Fion Tse (Pr. 5) successfully entered the final round of the Hong Kong Budding Scientists Award in March 2012. They are investigating the relationship between music and brain activity.

The girls are busy preparing for their final presentation which will be held on 19th May 2012.

7.In the “2012 Hong Kong Primary Mathematics Elite Trials”, organized by Po Leung Kuk and sponsored by the Home Affairs Department:
Jimsyn Jia (Pr. 6)Overall Results – Honours