Speech Languages 2011-2012

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Our girls achieved remarkable results in “Passing On the Torch”, a project-based learning competition. The competition is an exchange programme held in Mainland China for Hong Kong upper primary and lower secondary students and is part of the National Education Programme series. As part of the competition, local primary six students visited Guangzhou and observed the blend of Chinese and Western culture in the city’s architecture. Upon their return to Hong Kong, students produced thematic reports in which they summarised their findings and reflected on the experience. Of the eighty schools that participated in the competition, the report from our team was selected to compete with nine other schools for a variety of awards in the final round. Our team came first in the competition and members of the winning team include Chan Hiu Nam, Yvonne Chan, Nikki Leung, Ellen Liu, Ally To, Tiffany Wu, Chan Wing Yu, Alma Chan, Jimsyn Jia and Khloe Tsang. Congratulations!


The 16th Annual Chinese and English Calligraphy Competition, organized by the Hong Kong Professional Teachers’ Union:  


Wong Ka Yu (Pr. 1)
Lamb Chloe (Pr. 2)
Tam Ka Wing (Pr. 5)
Tiffany Sham (Pr. 6)


Merit Prize
Merit Prize
Merit Prize
Merit Prize


The 63rd Hong Kong Speech Festival
English Section


Total Number of entries:

Solo Class:
Choral Speaking:

314 in 46 classes
2 groups


a) Solo Classes:




No. of Girls




1. Chelsea Chan (Pr. 1) – Solo Verse Speaking (Open)
2. Caitlin Chiu (Pr. 2) – Solo Verse Speaking (Open)
3. Nicole Ng (Pr. 3) – Solo Verse Speaking (Open)
4. Huang Ying Xun Wing (Pr. 5) – Solo Verse Speaking (Open)
5. Chan Sum Yu (Pr. 5) – Solo Verse Speaking (Open)
6. Sienna Wong (Pr. 1) – Solo Verse Speaking (Non-Open)
7. Gabrielle Wong (Pr. 2) – Solo Verse Speaking (Non-Open)
8. Caitlin Chiu (Pr. 2) – Solo Verse Speaking (Non-Open)
9. Valerie Tsoi (Pr. 2) – Solo Verse Speaking (Non-Open)
10. Tiffany Joeng (Pr. 2) – Solo Verse Speaking (Non-Open)
11. Chui Chung Hei (Pr. 2) – Solo Verse Speaking (Non-Open)
12. Vanessa Chan (Pr. 2) – Solo Verse Speaking (Non-Open)
13. Li Wing Yan (Pr. 2) – Solo Verse Speaking (Non-Open)
14. Athena Chu (Pr. 3) – Solo Verse Speaking (Non-Open)
15. Gabrielle Luk (Pr. 3) – Solo Verse Speaking (Non-Open)
16. Chan Tsz Wing (Pr. 3) – Solo Verse Speaking (Non-Open)
17. Britany Wong (Pr. 3) – Solo Verse Speaking (Non-Open)
18. Tiffany Chan (Pr. 3) – Solo Verse Speaking (Non-Open)
19. Kathy Chan (Pr. 3) – Solo Verse Speaking (Non-Open)
20. Faith Shiu (Pr. 4) – Solo Verse Speaking (Non-Open)
21. Choi Pui Lam (Pr. 5) – Solo Verse Speaking (Non-Open)
22. Tiffany Sham (Pr. 6) – Solo Verse Speaking (Non-Open)
23. Serena Tsui (Pr. 6) – Solo Verse Speaking (Non-Open)
24. Peony Leung (Pr. 6) – Solo Verse Speaking (Non-Open)
25. Anna Choi Wai Sum (Pr. 6) – Solo Verse Speaking (Non-Open)
26. Kong Yuk Ting (Pr. 6) – Solo Verse Speaking (Non-Open)
27. Wong Jing Yu (Pr. 6) – Solo Verse Speaking (Non-Open)
28. Chloe Hui (Pr. 3) – Solo Prose Speaking (Open)
29. Charlotte Leung Hoi Yi (Pr. 3) – Solo Prose Speaking (Open)
30. Olga Kwan (Pr. 3) – Solo Prose Speaking (Open)
31. Nicole Chan (Pr. 6) – Solo Prose Speaking (Open)
32. Vanessa Chan (Pr. 2) – Solo Prose Reading (Non-Open)
33. Yoyo Li (Pr. 5) – Solo Prose Reading (Non-Open)
34. Sarah Tsoi (Pr. 6) – Solo Prose Reading (Non-Open)
35. Kong Yuk Ting (Pr. 6) – Solo Prose Reading (Non-Open)


Upon recommendation of the adjudicators, Chan Sum Yu (Pr. 5) was invited to perform
at the Prize Winners’ Recitals.

b) Choral:
Primary 2: Harmonic Choral Speaking, Open – First
Primary 3: Harmonic Choral Speaking, Open – First

c) Improvised Dramatic Scenes:
Total entries: 4
Position: 1 first, 1 second and 1 third

d) Rehearsed Original Scene:
Total entries:4
Position:1 first and 1 second

Putonghua Section:
Total number of entries: 155 in 17 classes
Solo Classes:



No. of Girls




1. Wong Chung Lam Sienna (Pr. 1)Solo Prose Speaking
2. Camellia Lai (Pr. 2) – Solo Prose Speaking
3. Chan San Yu Tiffany (Pr. 2)Solo Prose Speaking
4. Tsoi Valerie (Pr. 2)Solo Prose Speaking
5. Woo Ho Tung (Pr. 2)Solo Verse Speaking
6. Yeung Lok Sze (Pr. 2)Solo Prose Speaking
7. Woo Hoi Tung (Pr. 4)Solo Verse Speaking
8. Chan Wing In Anson (Pr. 5)Bible Reciting
9. Chu Tsz Yan Andrea (Pr. 6)Solo Verse Speaking
10. Chu Tsz Yan Andrea (Pr. 6)Solo Prose Speaking
11. Sham Sze Tung Tiffany (Pr. 6)Solo Prose Speaking

Cantonese Section:
Total no. of entries: 85 in 33 classes
Solo Classes:



No. of Girls




1. Rachel Wong (Pr. 1) – Story-telling
2. Camellia Lai (Pr. 2) – Solo Prose Speaking
3. Woo Ho Tung (Pr. 2) – Solo Verse Speaking
4. Chan Tsz Wing (Pr. 3) – Solo Verse Speaking
5. Amanda Chan (Pr. 3) – Solo Verse Speaking
6. Elizabeth Lu (Pr. 4) – Solo Prose Speaking
7. Natalie Chan (Pr. 4) – Solo Verse Speaking
8. Shemaiya Ng (Pr. 4) – Solo Verse Speaking
9. Sophie Haissaguerre (Pr. 5) – Solo Verse Speaking
10. Lucy Stewart (Pr. 5) – Solo Verse Speaking
11. Celeste Wu (Pr. 6) – Solo Verse Speaking
12. Chan Wing Yu (Pr. 6) – Solo Verse Speaking



In the “Project for Primary Students Gifted in Chinese Language” Competition
2012,Commissioned by the Curriculum Development Institute, Education Bureau to
the Primary School Language Education Research Association:
Stephanie Leung of Pr. 6 received the Gold prize and was awarded a 5-day study
tour to Nanking.  She was also awarded the Best Performance in Speech, Silver
Prize in Creative Writing and Silver Prize for Duo Speaking and Impromptu Short


In the Hong Kong Young Writers Awards 2012, the stories by Celeste Wu (Pr. 6)
and Charlotte Leung (Pr. 5) were published in “New Tales of the Yangtze River,
the 2012 Hong Kong Young Writers Awards Anthology.”


Hong Kong Budding Poets (English) Awards 2011-2012, co-organized by the Gifted Education Section and Native-speaking English Teacher Section of the Education Bureau:

Primary Section


Cheng Yi Ting (Pr. 5)
Stephanie Leung (Pr. 6)
Serena Tsui (Pr. 6)
Yoyo Li (Pr. 5)

Champion, Poet of the School
Second Runner-up
Third Runner-up, The Best Improviser of the Year


The 18th Bible Reading Festival organized by Chinese Bible International Ltd.:

Solo Verse Speaking (Putonghua)


Pr. 6

Hilary Chan (Pr. 6)
Tiffany Sham (Pr. 6)
Avala Ngan (Pr. 6)

Overall Champion
2nd runner up


Pr. 5

Wan Tsz Tung (Pr. 5)
Ko Tin Nam (Pr. 5)
Esther Li (Pr. 5)
Sophie Haissaguerre (Pr. 5)

1st runner up
1st runner up


Pr. 4

Woo Hoi Tung (Pr. 4)
Rachel Wan (Pr. 4)

1st runner up


Pr. 3

Adelaide Kwan (Pr. 3)
Nicola Yeung (Pr. 3)
Choi Ching Lam (Pr. 3)
Kathy Chan (Pr. 3)

Overall Champion
2nd runner up
2nd runner up


Pr. 2

Tiffany Chan (Pr. 2)
Woo Ho Tung (Pr. 2)
Yeung Lok Sze (Pr. 2)
Esther Fung (Pr. 2)
Caitlin Chiu (Pr. 2)
Maia Cheung (Pr. 2)

Overall Champion
1st runner up
2nd runner up


Pr. 1

Wong Ching (Pr. 1)
Sin Yin Tung (Pr. 1)
Shie Man Tak (Pr. 1)
Annabelle Leung (Pr. 1)
Wong Ka Yu (Pr. 1)

Overall Champion
1st runner up
2nd runner up