Information of First Interview on 8th October to Parents

Dear Parents and Applicants,
On 8th October, please bring along:

  1. The Interview Ticket (Interview date shown as 5th October 2019) as proof of your application (PLEASE PRINT IT YOURSELF)
  2. The Body Temperature Declaration Form (Interview date shown as 5th October 2019) (PLEASE PRINT IT YOURSELF)
  3. The ORIGINAL of the applicant’s Hong Kong birth certificate / HK ID Card (In the absence of a HK Birth Certificate or HK ID Card, the parent / guardian should bring along the applicant’s passport and documents permitting her to stay in Hong Kong.)
  4. A document with the applicant’s recent photo for identification, e.g. student identification card, student handbook or school report, etc.


We look forward to seeing you and your daughter.

School Office
Diocesan Girls’ Junior School