Pr. 1 Washroom

Theme: A Journey around the World 


Artist’s Design Concept:

People hurry in and out of washrooms every day out of necessity. Though often neglected, washrooms actually manifest users’ character and cultural sensitivity.

The washroom beautifying project aims at enhancing students’ awareness of washroom etiquette. Not only will students appreciate the efforts of our janitors, they will learn to be considerate whenever they use the washroom, thus leaving behind a clean and tidy area for other users.

The theme of the mural is “A Journey around the World”, which begins in Africa, where animals thrive in diversity. The doorway of the washroom shows a group of timid animals hiding in the woods of the forest, which immediately attracts the viewer to continue exploring. Stepping inside, you will notice that the animals are no longer timid but are instead chatting, playing and running joyfully on the great plains of Africa while giving a warm welcome to their visitors. This mural brings viewers to the exotic plains, with friendly animals serving as their guide.

Each cubicle contains paintings with scenic spots and cultural attractions from various countries, making one’s visit to the washroom seem like a round-the-world tour. An additional attraction is a reminder from the “big sisters” of washroom etiquette on the door of every cubicle.

As viewers prepare to leave by washing their hands in front of the mirror, they are submerged into the world of the ocean with decorations based on the theme “The Origin of Life”. The ocean covers most of the Earth’s surface and nurtures thousands of wonderful species. Let’s put on our diving masks and embark on an amazing underwater adventure. 



我們期望透過是次美化洗手間計劃,提高學生對使用洗手間的意識,不但令她們感謝清潔者― 工友們的辛勞,並顧及往後使用者的感受,齊來保持洗手間的整潔。



當大家如廁後,走到鏡前欲用「水」清潔之際,就會來到了海洋世界― 「生命之源」。地球上大部份土地均由美麗的海洋覆蓋,孕育著萬千多姿多彩的生命,透過「潛望鏡」,可讓大家透視海洋,欣賞和探索絢麗的海洋世界。